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    Welcome to AAU Exoskeletons

    Exoskeletons are robots you can wear. They are electro-mechanical systems designed to be attached to persons and have a variety of human motion applications within both rehabilitation, ergonomics and industry production.

    Exoskeletons are wearable devices that can be categorized as active, passive or hybrid. Active exoskeletons are equipped with motors, while passive exoskeletons use springs or dampers to support human movement. Hybrid versions comprise active as well as passive elements.

    Exoskeletons have a variety of applications within rehabilitation, ergonomics and production:

    • Medical devices for rehabilitation training of patients recovering from trauma
    • Movement aids for disabled persons
    • Physical assistance for the elderly in their daily living
    • Reduction of biomechanical load in industrial and military applications.

    Aalborg University (AAU) has an extensive and interdisciplinary research activity in this field with participation from experts in physiology, biomechanics, robots, health science and technology, control and automation, actuators etc.

    These activities are hosted by a number of research projects, supported by EU, Danish national funding agencies and AAU. 


 John Rasmussen

 Email: jr@mp.aau.dk
 Phone: +45 9940 9307




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